Reviews: Incognito

The first reviews for Incognito are out and it's a hit! 

"The dazzling conceptual juggling act rewards the strict attention it demands, peeling away layers of intellectual abstraction to discover unexpected beauty and wonder." -Philip Brandes

"Under Farmer's meticulous direction the four actors do stunning work. Changing accents from American to British and Irish, they nail each character with great skill. Little dramatic scenes like Zajko and Adams facing a lesbian relationship or Zajko as another character divorcing her husband, played by Fuqua, who goes off and falls instantly in love with a waitress... all of these moments are theatrically riveting and fulfilling... Don't miss Incognito!" -Don Grigware

"Adams, an Oak Park High graduate who has gone on to become a sterling performer after graduating from USC's theater school, is heartbreaking as H. M.'s loving wife, who loyally cares for him while dealing with her own frustrations at not being able to have a normal marriage." -Cary Ginell

Incognito runs through October 1: Wednesdays - Sundays.



Claire is so excited to be making her Rubicon Theatre Company debut as Actor Four in the West Coast premiere of Nick Payne's play Incognito which runs September 16 through October 1 in Ventura, CA. For showtimes and more info on the Rubicon, click here.


A Little About The Show: 
We are thrilled present "Incognito", a mysterious and beautiful new play about the intersection between memory and identity. Several stories (some based on true events) are woven together. One concerns a man who steals Albert Einstein’s brain to try to understand the elusive nature of genius. Another follows a man who has lost his short-term memory but recalls his affection for his wife, whom he greets anew each day. The third focuses on a scientist beginning a new romantic journey who struggles to know her own mind and heart while probing the minds of others. Four actors play 21 characters in this deeply moving and original play.

That's A Wrap: Charmed Life of John Weld

The last two weeks Claire had the pleasure of shooting The Charmed Life of John Weld, playing John's wife and Hollywood actress herself Gigi Parrish (Katy Weld). It was an absolutely wonderful experience that she will never forget. Here's a little glimpse into some of her 1930s costumes, working with a green screen and lounging on a sunny (not so warm) beach. Enjoy!


For more information about the film:

New Agents!

Claire is thrilled to announce that she is now signed across the board with Connor Ankrum & Associates. She is so excited to be working with Steve Walker and Erin Connor in the film and television arena and can't wait for what the future has in store!

Before and Hereafter

Claire is thrilled to announce that she will be playing the lead part of Samantha in the table read for the new feature film Before and Hereafter written by Billy Riback and Steve Rubin.